Be kind

Updated: Feb 9

My life has changed because of other people's acts of kindness.

As Plato puts it, "be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle". Kindness has been proven to increase our happiness, reduce stress and improve emotional wellbeing. At the same time, spreading kindness offers us the opportunity to connect with others, build a stronger sense of community and unity with friends, family, neighbours and even strangers.

Over the years, I have seen lives being changed and transformed because of simple acts of kindness. My life has changed because of other people's acts of kindness.

I then came to the realization that kindness is the one of the most important ways we can bring change to the world. Being kind to others has not only changed me, but it also changed the people around me. Kindness is a virtue that is very rare and being able to show people kindness is a gift. It gives fulfillment and happiness that cannot be explained.

Through the creation of the brand, The Black Hippie Fashion Studio, I wanted to not only bring change to my own life but to others as well.

Being kind is of the utmost importance to The Black Hippie Fashion Studio. Accordingly, we hereby request everyone wearing our garments to be kind to others. All we are asking for is for you to add a little love, freedom and colour not only to your wardrobe but to other people as well. As we all know, "helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person." We at The Black Hippie Fashion Studio believe that you need to "be the change that you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi."

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