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Meet the Owner & Designer

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Blending African
& Bohemian Inspiration

with everyday Fashion

Quality Afrohemian fabrics in flattering styles for every figure. Uniquely elegant while proudly preserving cultural heritage. Fabrics and colours that celebrate the bold, bright, sophisticated, earthy beauty of Africa in every garment.

Our fashion is a unique blend of African and Bohemian fashion - inspired by African prints and colourful clothing as well as natural, retro patterns, neutral and warm shades of clothing. 

Effortless Fashion

in every Collection

The Black Hippie Fashion Studio follows the lines of effortless, relaxed fashion, with its loose-fitted clothing items, and overall artistic, creative mixture of African and Bohemian elements.

You'll find a perfect fit in every Black Hippie Fashion Collection. Explore ERA – A range that is designed for or customarily worn on formal occasions. 


Be bold in our unconventionally stylish range of CRATER. 

Or embrance your fashion with flair with ARC - a range that is worn to events with a level of formality between informal wear and formal wear.

Black Hippie Fashion Designer Mmadika Moloi.jpg
Black Hippie Fashion Designer Mmadika Moloi.jpg

Versatile Afrohemian


The Black Hippie presents you with a lifestyle ideology that comes with it an alternative to the traditional way of dressing, paired up with a more liberated lifestyle and a social stance against everything from materialism to society’s constraints.


The Black Hippie recognises the development of art through the creation of fashion and is enlightening the world on the versatility of Afrohemian fashion.

Meet the Designer

Mmadika Moloi

Mmadika is an attorney by profession, an innovator and entrepreneur with over 14 years in business. She is experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance and business optimization to employ the best industry practices in culturally diverse situations globally. 


She has a strong command for business and management principles as they pertain to development, resource allocation, production methods, and leading others".


Mmadika is an artist, visionary designer and relentless optimist who believes that being kind to others always leaves a positive impact on them. My request to you is to be kind to others whenever you wear a The Black Hippie garment. Not only will this have a positive impact on others, it will also have a positive impact on you. 


My message to you all is to BE KIND!!!

Black Hippie Fashion Designer Mmadika Moloi.jpg